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OCs not for copying Stamp by DP-Stamps Stamp:Don't steal my Oc by LuzbelDestello Be creative stamp by ViOLeTjaniS My art is NOT your base - stamp by Angi-Shy Stamp: OC And Roleplaying by Mewx50

Reason why I'm putting these stamps was because I had a good oc on FB and someone recolored it, (not gonna name any names) when I confronted the person who recolored my oc (which was a sonic oc) the person banned my page right away. When I say it's mine, it's definitely MY oc. (or ocs) >.> This was a long time ago. I just wanted to get this off my chest. So in other words, be CREATIVE. Please do NOT steal other people's ocs. :) (Or other artwork.)


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So.... I want to try to get core membership! Feel free to donate some points~ :heart: (Cause I want to change my username... ^-^; And I think it's time for a change. I want to change it to SEViningArts. :3 I'd rather use my first two initials and my last name cause.... Yeah... ^-^; )

Also.. I'm thinking about doing Point Commissions and even adopts... even that might help as well!

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SlyFaonWolf's Profile Picture
サラー ヴァイニング
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Hello everyone! My real name is Sarah. I am 25 years old (going to be 26). I'm a PC gamer/3DS xl gamer. My favorite color is purple and I live in Canada~! :heart:

Also I am hoping to draw art professionally someday and also I'm hoping to go back to school to earn credits (I only have 1... that's pretty sad.... XD)

Be sure to read the rules

No chain letters. (It will be considered spam and will be deleted.)
No hate comments. (You will be blocked)
No recoloring my art.
No reposting my art.
Do NOT claim my art as yours!
Do NOT claim my ocs as yours!

I'm big into Sonic, Transformers, Legend of Zelda and Marvel.

I am a Christian.. I will not tolerate any bullying whatsoever!!! It is NOT cool to bully at all!!
Anti-Bullying Button by CrystalisZelda

My colors live page:
My tumblr:…

Activity… guys, can you follow my side blog on tumblr, please? trying to reach 50 followers (at the least) and also my main blog, too:… thanks! :3 
Guys~!!! I was on RDAllen's minecraft livestream!! :D if you were watching that on youtube or twitch, you should have seen my minecraft username pop up (sarahv25) :D and also my MC character skin. :3 During the livestream I was busy mining and smelting stuff. :3 
Guys.. if you want to follow me on colors 3D, my username on there is SEViningArts. And my tumblr is the same but all lowercase. guys... you might want to check out scott cawthon's site.... It updated...
Jughead Jones (archie comics)
I just love this character~ ^w^ He's one of my favorite Archie characters. :3 

~drawn on colors 3d
~Jughead belongs to Archie Comics. 
~Art belongs to me
The Admin in Hedgehog form
((Yeah.. I went from purple to brown... Cause I wanted everything to match so.... yeah.. XD Also where I live it has been terribly windy out lately and the roads and the sidewalks were icy so I didn't risk going out to my volunteer job today. ~admin))
~P:S: ((I named this hedgehog form of mine: Liz-Beth. Cause my middle name is Elizabeth... :3 )) 

Classic ShynReya
Ahh~!! These two are even more adorable in Classic Sonic version~! :D :heart: Yeah... this one was Classic sonic inspired. 

Also I thought of the couple name: ShynReya :heart: Sounds adorable, right? ^w^ I like it~ It my sound weird to you guys, but to me it sounds cute. :3 

~Fireya belongs to me. (She has a page now~… :3 ) 
~Shyne belongs to the admin of this page:…

I have set up a donation pool on my page. Feel free to donate some points! Even a single point helps~! 

Anyway, I am hoping to change my username to SEViningArts just so everything matches (My tumblr and my colors live accounts both have the same name. ^w^)  I'd rather just use my first two initials of my name and my last name. As my dad says; keep things simple. :3  

My tumblr:…
My colors 3d live page:

Now I have this song stuck in my head... x3 :3 
Shyne and Fireya
So.. Fireya's taken~ He's one of the oc's on this page:…


I ship these two a lot~ ^w^ 

~Fireya belongs to me
~Shyne belongs to the admin of:…
I'm going to CAPE....or as I like to call it, the Cornwall Con, in 2 weeks. I've heard there are going to be some artists there, and I'm definitely going to bring my 3DS just so I can show off my drawings that I've made on Colors 3D to them... I didn't do it last time I was there, I didn't think I was even good enough.. (this was before I had Colors 3D) Now that I've practiced a bit more, I think I'm ready to show my drawings to the artists that are going to be there. :3 (I just hope that I don't forget... lol. X3)   

I want to do art professionally someday... I just have to practice a bit more. :3 
Fireya :3
So....Here's Fireya showing off her fire powers again.... :3 

~~Drawn on Colors 3D
~~Art and Fireya belongs to me. 

If you want a brief bio of her powers and abilities.... here they are:

~She can turn Hyper (Like Knuckles but instead her form is yellow and she has pink eyes.)

~Orange Torrent
~Chaos Control
~Chaos Flame Wind
~Flame Arrows
~Light Speed Attack
~Spin Dash Attack 
~Chaos Flame Cannon (Another move I added for her. It's stronger than Orange Torrent.) 
~~Classic and Modern~~
This took forever...!! DX Anyway... Here's Classic Fireya and Modern Fireya. And I also put the Sonic Mania background... Fitting, isn't it? :3 

~~Fireya and art belong to me!! 
~~Drawn on Colors 3D 
Shadow the Hedgehog
My colors live page: (ArtsyGalDraws is my colors3D username. :3)

I freaking love colors 3D. ^w^ I think it's the best art program ever... I can just take my 3DS anywhere and draw. ^w^ 

~Shadow the Hedgehog belong to Sega/Sonic Team
~Art belongs to me. 
Fireya (Sonic OC)
So.. I know that is a lazy fire drawing, I just don't know how to draw flames... okay? I was on Colors 3D. ^w^ 

Anyway, here's Fireya just showing off her fire powers. >:3 

~~Fireya and art belong to me. 
~Drawn on my 3DS and Colors 3D. :3 
Fireya x ? collab (open collab)
So.. She is single and looking. Not much else to be said here. ^^' 

~~Fireya belongs to me. 

~~Put your OWN oc, please. 

Even though it says ArtsyGalDraws.... that's still me.
I love colors 3d.... It's a lot better than using paper. ^w^ And I've gotten used to it pretty quickly. :3 
Shadow, Orbot and Cubot
So..... I had a weird thought in my mind a couple days ago.... What if Shadow was in charge of Orbot and Cubot? It wouldn't go that well for those two anyway.... XD Yep..... I am really weird. XDDD 

~Shadow, Orbot and Cubot belong to Sega/Sonic Team
~Art belongs to me. 

Follow my colors 3d account:
The Blue Speedster (Colors 3D drawing-New 3DS xl)
So... I've decided to draw Sonic. :3 Anyway... I'm going to a comic con in a couple weeks and I am really hoping to see some Shadow cosplayers. :3 (If not... oh well.... >_>) 

~Sonic belongs to Sega/Sonic Team
~Art belongs to me.



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Here's my part sorry but I do plan to post it soon 

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Sure ^w^ 
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